promo launch date announced and birthday fun!

Just a short update today from Individual Threads – we have spent a picturesque Friday in the studio,  chilling, laughing and listening to the likes of Run DMC, Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. Andy, Spencer and myself, located in the studio, have been putting the finishing touches to our promo range, due for launch next Monday. Jordan has been in the office, printing to his hearts content. Finished garments include a forest green sweatshirt, a red dress and a black hoodie. Pictures of them to come soon. We are looking at a couple of new and fair trade stockists for clothing items which is going well, and we have been brushing up on our sewing skills.

Last night at Waster was a great success, thank you to all that came and thanks for the positive feedback! A promotional movie was played as a backdrop for the live bands (Venice Ahoy and Astronomy Club)   designed by Howie – and it was actually immense. The Trash Arts film played and our clothes looked beautiful. Nice one!

Side note: It’s my birthday today so the Indi Threads team and lots of others are going to Little Johnny Russells where Andy and Andy and Lewis and JACK BEATS are going to give us a lovely birthday treat. Come along for the fun!

We’ll leave you as we listen to Ratatat and discuss the logistics of Michael Jackson’s farewell tour.

Lots of birthday love from the Individual Threads Team. X


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